If you have an above ground or below ground pool in your property, it is important and necessary to have a pool fence. Although owning a pool comes with a lot of fun and excitement, there is also some risk, especially if children are involved.

Getting a pool fence is the obvious solution that can really take care of this liability. There are also pets and other small animals such as squirrels that run the risk of drowning in your pool. Accordingly, there is some great upside in having a fence. Although not many pool owners know this, protecting the pool with a fence can really help avoid unnecessary law suits that often cost time and money. The following are some staggering stats about injuries related to pools in the US:

  • 69% of all drowning cases among children occur when one or both parents are at home watching over the kids
  • 14% of drowning cases in children result when a babysitter is on watch
  • 65% of children who drown in the US do it in a family owned pool.

In light of these statistics, it seems that each and every pool owner has a responsibility of keeping their loved ones and pets safe, and with a pool fence, things can really get better and less risky. The good news is, there are a lot of low cost pool fence options you can explore and it shouldn’t be a problem to get a quality fence that gives value for money.

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