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Our fence installation and repair professionals have helped thousands of homeowners find the perfect fence to accommodate their needs.

Fence Installation NJ

Fence Installation

Bowman Fence has crafted our skill of installing fences in New Jersey for years. We take pride in each and every installation project we take on. Vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain link, pool, and even commercial properties – we have installed fencing all over the state of NJ.

Fence Repair

NJ can get the harshest weather on the east coast. From snow storms to hurricanes, this weather can really take its toll on your property, especially your fences. If your fence should break, crack, or fall, give us a call. We have repaired every type of fence and have all the materials needed for your next repair job.


Here at Bowman Fence, we not only use the highest quality materials, we also believe in having the best customer service. We make sure that each project is given the care and focus it deserves so that the customer is satisfied 100%. This has made us one of the best fence companies in NJ.



Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has become a very popular style of fence in the past decade. Though it can costs slightly more than some other styles of fences, it will last you a lifetime. This is because vinyl (also called “PVC” fences) are made from a hardened plastic material that can sustain incredible amounts of force and weather without breaking. Installing a vinyl fence is not for the uninformed. It takes careful planning and measuring to be sure that the topography of the land matches the vinyl fence style chosen.

We can install this type of fence on a variety of different properties – residential, commercial, business, school, and more. The three most popular types of vinyl fencing are: privacy, semi-privacy, and picket fences. All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Split Rail Fences

Split rail fences are becoming a big trend for older, colonial style homes. This is because it offers an old-style charm that outlines your property perfectly. Split rail style fencing has commonly been found on farms and large acre lands housing horses. This is because it is generally a simple fence to install. It involves basic fence materials: posts and rails. While the materials needed are basic, it does require advanced knowledge of fence installation. The entire property must be analyzed and measured to determine where the posts should be placed to ensure a quality build.

Contact us to learn more about our split rail fence styles!

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are most popular for businesses. This is for security and efficiency reasons. Chain link fences are generally less expensive than aluminum fences but they can provide the same type of security. We have installed this type of fence on government properties, schools, construction areas, warehouses, athletic fields, and more. Many times it is used on residential properties to keep in pets or keep out wild animals.

We provide this type of fence in steel that is galvanized. This makes the metal last longer and not rust for years. We can also vinyl coat your chain link fence, which adds a nice color and helps the fence stay rust-free.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are another popular style of fence that we install and repair. Aluminum style fencing can provide your home or business with an elegant look. Not only that, it also increases the value and safety of your home. This style of fence will last you through harsh storms because of its strong durability. Installing an aluminum fence takes precision. It is important to go with a fence company in NJ that has experience with this style of fence.

Pool Fences

If you own a pool and have little children and/or pets, you need to have a pool fence for their safety. Every year small children and pets unknowingly fall into pools and lose their lives. These deaths can be prevented with the proper fence to protect and mark-off the pool. We have installed various different types of pool fences. If you want a fence that does not damage the connecter around the pool, we can install removable fences also.

Bowman Fence Company is a fence installation and repair company located in North New Jersey. We service and install both residential and commercial fences.
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